RISING games

The Great Chicago RISING

Ohio RISING (East Ohio/PA/WV tri-state area)


RISING is a live action game putting you into the heart of the zombie apocalypse You are now part of the story line where your decisions can change the entire plot including the outcome.  Foam dart blasters and foam boffers are used for conflict/resolution.

YOU can limber through lasers, kill abominations of nature, and hopefully put an end to the world that you know now as ZOMBIES.
YOU can actually help find an end to the destruction or you may even become a part of it.
YOU will be put to the test against all types of walking dead a variety of interactive puzzles and lots and lots of combat.
Jump into your favorite Survival Horror game or Zombie Apocalypse movie and experience it for REAL.

RISING/Twilight RISING rulebooks can be purchased here.

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RISING Kids is only available at certain events, where children are submerged into a world where their parents have been turned into ZOMBIES!  Kids use foam dart blasters to fight zombified parents while solving group puzzles to escape to safety.

Twilight RISING

Twilight RISING is our Lovecraft inspired version of RISING. There aren't usually zombies to be killed, but there are some strange things lurking about.  Twilight RISING takes you through an Arkham-like world, where you experience a story of its own kind.  Your decisions of what paths to take and what you do greatly determines the story's outcome. Foam dart blasters and foam boffers are used for conflict/resolution along with whit and roleplay.   


ZBP is proud to present a new game to our 2011 lineup.  RISING VS is a fast paced game where you can play as the zombies and/or humans.  A team of humans and a team of zombies face off against each other in the battle of living vs. undead.  Zombies have to either turn all of the human players into zombies, or destroy the humans' antivirus lab.  The human team must destroy the zombie hive before getting eaten alive.  Foam dart blasters and foam boffers are used for combat.

We recommend players be in good physical condition before participating in RISING VS.